R100 Club

What is the Umduduzi 100 Club all about?

To keep doing what we do, Umduduzi needs to raise a whopping R100,000 a month! Sometimes this task can feel overwhelming and the need to constantly find new ways to fundraise and cover our costs can sometimes take an enormous chunk of time out of our days and can sap our energy levels. It’s hard to admit, but we are only human!


To be able to rely on a regular monthly stream of income, Umduduzi  started the 100 Club based on the hope of getting 1000 people to commit to donating R100 each month.

What does your donation bring ?

R350    |    1 hour of a PC trained doctor – 2 extra children and their families receiving palliative care 


R200    |    1 hour of a professional nurse – 2 extra children and their families receiving palliative care

What is the benefit of being a “100 Club” member?

You will receive regular updates and newsletters about our work at Umduduzi – Hospice Care for Children. As a registered Public Benefit Organization, your donations are fully tax deductible. Our SARS PBO number is 930046273. As all recipients of our work are from previously disadvantaged groups, the contribution counts towards BEE accreditation.

How will I know that the money will be used as intended?

Umduduzi  is a fully registered and accredited Not for Profit and Public Benefit Organisation. Our annual financial records are available on request. As a small and accountable team, we are always happy to discuss our work and finances with you.

Why should I join the “100 Club”?

Your regular donation will make a world of difference to us and to the children and families we support through our work.

You will be helping us to achieve our dream. Our dream of persuading:

  • 1,000 people to commit to donating just R100 a month OR
  • 500 people to donate R200 a month OR
  • 300 people to donate R334 a month OR
  • 250 people to donate R400 a month OR
  • any combination of the above that gets us to R100,000!

If we could realize this dream, we could give a HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF and focus most of our time and energy on doing what we do best.


We would be thrilled if you would consider signing up to make a regular monthly donation to our work. A donation that we know we can count on every single month.


As of January 2021,  112 people have committed to a monthly donation of R100 or more. We know that we have quite a long way to go to see our dream realized, but believe we can get there with your help. When we reach our short term target of 200 regular monthly donors we will be doing a lucky draw for some amazing prices!

We presently have 75 wonderful people who donate R100 on a monthly basis so we just have 25 more to go to reach our target of 100! All our regular donors, including those who have been doing so for years and those who have recently signed up, will be entered into the lucky draw. So keep your fingers crossed that we can reach our target quickly.

There are a number of ways to sign up for a monthly donation of R100 or more to be eligible for this competition.

You will need to inform us via email should you decide to pay your monthly donation using 2, 3 and 4 so we can add your name into lucky draw. We will let you know as soon as we reach 200 monthly donors so you can keep your fingers crossed for the draw.

  1. Sign up for a monthly Debit Order below
  2. Set up an automated monthly payment directly from your bank account
  3. Use Zapper and click on the Pay Monthly button
  4. Use the Zapper QR code below and click on ‘Make this a monthly donation
    Zappier QR Code

Sign up for a Debit Order

    Three Peaks is a recognized financial institution that is working with Umduduzi to assist with the management and collection of debit orders.